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122 hands up for Kiwilele

Cultural Conversations August 2021

Arts Foundation and CNZ Roadshow talks

The Suter November 2020

Zooming in on te reo

Nelson Mail September 17th 2020

Aotearoa's Art Angels

The Big Idea, 6 July 2020

School of Music packed for diverse and celebatory concert

Nelson Mail, 30 June 2020

Nelson's Voice Collective Rises Up

Wild Tomato, 1 May 2020

Voice Collective choir 'with a difference' comes to the bay

Nelson Mail, 18 June 2020

Coronavirus: Virtual mass sing-along planned to praise workers at the front-line

Nelson Mail, 31 March 2020

Nelson singers encouraged to prepare for The Weeknd with virtual songalong

Nelson Mail, 26 March 2020

Music for the people, by the people

Wild Tomato, March 2020

A New Fashioned Sing-a-Long

Nelson Magazine, 3 February 2020

Mental wellness boost with lunchtime song

Nelson Mail, 15 November 2019

Free your mind and keep your cash at this year's Nelson Arts Festival

Nelson Mail, 17 October 2019

Nelson's Voice Collective welcomes every kind of singer

Nelson Mail, 23 November 2018

Cultural Conversations 2019

Nelson Mail, 23 November 2019

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